Igniting leaders in tech to get kickass results at work, lead high-performing teams and be present for moments that matter.

If you want to do it on your own, reboot your superpowers. If you need help, you know where to click next.

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If you want to build a world-class business and be a leader people actually want to work for, you’ll need more than technical skills.


Leadership can’t be just some title on a business card – it has to mean something, everything when it comes to doing work you love and being present for the moments that matter.


Exceptional leaders know their strengths and weaknesses and take intentional action.


It’s about having a compelling vision for your life, not just your work.


It’s about being clear on what you value most and putting an everyday leadership paradigm and practice in place that helps you and those closest to you achieve meaningful success.

Hint: this is my superpower — creating this type of alignment and momentum for leaders in tech.

But I don’t do this for just anyone. My crowd is jam-packed with really good people who care. 

They obsess over work-life balance because they still yearn to make an incredible impact at work and with their loved ones without burning out.

The problem is they don’t have anybody to talk with at work because they don’t want anybody to see how unsure and worn-out they really are.

That’s where I enter the picture. I’m Lisa Duerre and I know how to ignite leaders in tech to make a huge difference in our world and for our planet, impact the next generation, and love everyone for who they are.

Someone in your company or maybe even yourself need help growing your influence as a leader in tech without sacrificing your sanity, integrity, or family.

Here are three ways I can help you hit that goal…

Ignite Your Influence With The Impact Playbook for Leaders In Tech

If you’re hungry to uplevel your impact inside and outside your organization without becoming a sellout, stop reading this and start clicking that button.

Strategic Consulting for Tech Companies

Don’t trust some consulting ‘expert’ with zero real-life experience. I’ve spent 25 years as a Silicon Valley exec who’s been where you want to go.

Executive Coaching from an Actual Silicon Valley Exec

The problem with a lot of executive coaching is the ‘expert’ has never actually sat in your seat. I have as a 25-year female exec in Silicon Valley. I was at the table and I know what it takes for you to get there.

Yes, I Speak at Events for Leaders In Tech 

You don’t have to choose revenue over relationships — which is the exact message I share with audiences of leaders in tech around the world. Check out my talk topics and how I can become your standing ovation-inducing speaker for your next event.

What – you want to know my story?

Lisa Duerre here, and can I say I’m stoked you’re reading this! You probably want to know all about how I spent 25 years as a female exec in Silicon Valley and experienced tremendous leadership success impacting over 25,000 employees — and all without an engineering degree!

Yep, that’s the sound bite of my story — and if you hit that little button next, you can get the whole download of how I get to where I am today and how I can help you too.

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