Hi I’m Lisa Duerre

This is the part where I could give you my formal bio information and talk about how I was a kickass female Silicon Valley tech executive for 25 years with zero engineering background. I led high-functioning teams known for awesome global-impacting results and faster decision-making.

But that’s not the whole picture.

I could also tell you how I’m the CEO and co-founder of RLD Group. I could mention how I’ve helped over 25,000 employees grow their careers, make a greater impact at work, and build a more meaningful connection between work and home.

That part – building a healthier, more meaningful connection between work and home and making an impact through strategy, clarity, and heart – that’s what gets me fired up. Tech expertise will only take you so far when it comes to building a great business or being a better people leader.

Are my results good?  

Humble brag moment – I’ve personally helped over 25,000 employees break out of the rut of sleepwalking through life and at their jobs so they can be awesome in every area.

If that sounds like magic or voodoo, it’s not – it’s just my superpower

Here are three case studies showing real people who I helped get real results:

Gabe's Case Study

Case Study:  Tech Company – Sponsored Program

Gabe's Case Study

Case Study:  Organizational Consultant

Gabe's Case Study

Case Study:  Customer Success Tech Leader

If you want to build a world-class business and be a leader people actually want to work for, you’ll need more than technical skills.


Leadership can’t be just some title on a business card – it has to mean something, everything when it comes to doing work you love and being present for the moments that matter.


Exceptional leaders know their strengths and weaknesses and take intentional action.


It’s about having a compelling vision for your life, not just your work.


It’s about being clear on what you value most and putting an everyday leadership paradigm and practice in place that helps you and those closest to you achieve meaningful success.

Hint: this is my superpower — creating this type of alignment and momentum for leaders in tech.

But I don’t do this for just anyone. My crowd is jam-packed with really good people who care. 

They obsess over work-life balance because they still yearn to make an incredible impact at work and with their loved ones without burning out.

The problem is they don’t have anybody to talk with at work because they don’t want anybody to see how unsure and worn-out they really are.

That’s where I enter the picture. I’m Lisa Duerre and I know how to ignite leaders in tech to make a huge difference in our world and for our planet, impact the next generation, and love everyone for who they are.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Lisa for many years. At Synopsys, she had the opportunity to lead a diverse set of corporate programs that required her to lead diverse teams of people across organizational boundaries. Lisa has always had the ability to inspire the team towards a common goal while individually motivating every individual to maximize their individual impact. She consistently delivered on the needs of the business. However, her greatest accomplishments were in the way she led people. Lisa was sought out by other leaders in the company to act as a coach and mentor. Lisa’s impact is still felt due to the legacy of great leaders she developed. Lisa is the best! Anyone would benefit from her coaching and mentoring. “

Ken Nelsen

VP Applicaiton Services

“My management team and I worked with Lisa to pull together curriculums and materials to keep our consultants on the leading edge of technology and develop the soft skills required to succeed on demanding client programs. Lisa was a wealth of knowledge on the latest training management tools and available collateral from other organizations. She excels at pulling together teams from different regions and organizations and getting them to output valuable training material in their “spare” time. I admire her positive attitude and drive, facilitation and leadership skills.”

Ken Nishida

Enterprise Success Manager

But enough about me… 

What’s your story?

What breadcrumb trail brought you to this page?

Dude, if I was to make an educated guess, it’s because you’re looking for ways to get awesome results at work without burning out. You want to make an impact as a leader and be present for the moments that matter. I get it – I craved what I have now for years.

Can we talk about your story?

I’d love to connect, hear who you are, and understand what gets you fired up. Here’s a link to book a time for us to chat. No pushy sales offer, no judgment – just a chance to talk about where you’re at with your work and life. I’m here for you – let’s talk soon.



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