The world we are in, especially in tech, is complex and ever-changing. Today we’re going to talk about how leaders can truly show up in this world of ever-changing complexity and still be successful. Because hoping for that Zen bubble bathey feeling, without a care in the sky – that is not your reality and we know it.

Laura Davis joins in a conversation today about different leadership styles and how you might thrive as a leader because of how you’re wired. Then we flip it and talk about what do you as a leader who has your own operating system need to know, be curious about and what to do to bring out the best in your team.

Laura Davis is the CEO and co-founder of Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc, a firm that specializes in executive coaching, leadership development and DiSC-based assessment solutions. Laura is a board certified coach and has an MBA from Emory University and has been coaching and training leaders at all levels of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies since 1995.

CTRL+ALT+DELETE with Lisa Duerre is brought to you by RLD Group on a mission to reboot leadership drive, eradicate burnout in tech, and help transform technical experts lacking people leadership skills from being a company’s biggest liability into their greatest asset.

Show Notes:

  • Flexibility and Culture in the Office [4:08]
  • Your Wiring and Trustworthiness [11:18]
  • The Language of Your Colleagues [19:59]
  • Defining DiSC [23:07]
  • Openness for Leaders [26:31]
  • The Straightforward and Steady Leader [32:02]
  • The Strength of Reliability [38:11]
  • Reflect and Question [42:46]


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