In this episode of Ctrl + Alt + Delete with Lisa Duerre™ – Make sure to lean in during these key moments in the episode:

[3:15] New LinkedIn training coming out on how leaders can reduce burnout for themselves and their teams

[4:20] Tangible, practical things you can do right now to deal with burnout

[6:30] Awareness of your own stress signals is the first step

[7:10] What a Balance Board can teach you about burnout

[8:50] Why Balance is Bullsh*t and what should we focus on instead

[12:20] Lisa’s heart-felt story about reaching burnout as a new mom (and still not admitting it)

[17:41] Why you can’t (and shouldn’t) leave your emotions at the door before going to work. And how humanity at workplace is paramount

[19:50] The value of sharing your story, especially by female leaders

[22:35] Lisa shares questions to design your team meetings to combat burnout

[32:29] Informational interview model as a helpful tool for leaders determine an appropriate level of sharing

[33:37] Claiming your power back and making choices as a solution to burnout

[39:10] High-achiever’s burnout awareness 101 (Practical things that you can do right now).

[42:10] Non-negotiables and simple actions you can do to amp your self-care right now (it is not a bubble bath)


  • Burnout somewhat subsided in the workplace in general, but it is hitting hard in the middle-manager level.
  • Awareness and listening to your body are the first step to prevent burnout. Also, honest communication and ability of leaders to be vulnerable can help their teams to have sustainable careers and grow.
  • Leaders often think that part of their job is sheltering their team from the levels of stress that the leaders experience. This can actually do their reports a disservice by not giving them a realistic picture of the job the aspire to. When thinking about appropriate level of sharing, think what would you say in an informational interview about what your job is about. This will also help you build your own awareness of what’s really going on.
  • High-achievers are high-risk for burnout. They don’t value themselves as they value others. High-achievers need to be intentional and build a muscle of taking care of themselves, let go of the things you don’t need to be a high-achiever at, and claim your power back.

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