Burnout: is it easier to quit or stay? I have faced that question myself. Do you feel like quitting when you’re in burnout? Yes. And are people leaving? Absolutely. I’m so excited for the person who’s with us today to answer this question for us because she’s seeing amazing human resource leaders just quit and not stay. And I have to tell you, that is not okay.

Susan Nelson is an integrative leadership coach, who shows emerging HR leaders, and those new to the C-Suite how to increase their impact, confidence, and results so they can thrive at work and at home. Susan has developed her signature system for coaching HR leaders to stay in the game by reclaiming their power at work and at home, elevating their leadership role and function in their organization, and making it okay for them to bring their whole self to work.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete with Lisa Duerre is brought to you by RLD Group on a mission to reboot leadership drive, eradicate burnout in tech, and help transform technical experts lacking people leadership skills from being a company’s biggest liability into their greatest asset.

Show Notes:

HR leaders are underappreciated [4:16]

HR leaders don’t realize their burnout until it’s too late [8:24]

Possibilities without burnout [12:52]

The negative mindset towards HR [17:18]

Struggles and challenges [21:42]

Your moment of power [25:26]

Three shifts for long term success [30:01]

Learning from your HR partner [38:45]


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