Are you the type of working mom that gives it all at work and for her family with barely a little leftover for yourself? Do you know a working Mom in this situation? Danger: burnout ahead!

Want to know how to go from autopilot to being present at work and in life with time for yourself too? Listen in!

If you’re a working parent or you manage a working parent – Listen in!

#realtalk – this episode is for you if you give it all to those you lead and love and feel that there is nothing left for you.

In this episode @monique Russell, @lisa Duerre keeps it real and share:

– Why it’s critical for you to get out of “like” and into “love” with yourself, your career, and your life AND how to go about it.

– The antidotes to Mom guilt, people-pleasing, and “shoulding” on yourself.

– What you can do today if you are afraid of saying no or setting a new boundary at work. Tips for intentional conversations to share your needs, set new boundaries, and easy ways to getting a yes when you ask for help so you can stop suffering in silence.

– How to make yourself more valuable at work without doing more work.

– The formula for a personalized affirmation that will change how you show up for yourself.

– 3 patterns of abuse that have been normalized as parenting approaches and leadership styles. Dictatorship, micromanagement, and perfectionism and what to do about it as a parent and/or leader.

– How to add “being” to your to-do list 🙂

About Monique Russell
Originally from the beautiful islands of The Bahamas and Nigeria, Monique Russell is an inspirational teacher helping women leaders and teams turn likes to loves in business and life using effective communication skills and strategies.

She leads a global communications firm, Clear Communication Solutions, LLC, hosts the Bridge to U: Understanding and Black Unity; the author The Ultimate Speaker’s Guide, and Intentional Motherhood: Who Said It Would Be Easy.;

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