In this episode of Ctrl + Alt + Delete with Lisa Duerre™ – Make sure to double click on these key moments in the episode:

[8:53] Questions you can use to shift things when talking to engineers

[11:40] Alenka’s Story: From PhD to leader and her burnout story

[14:00] Missed opportunities by leaders, both about their people and the organization

[15:50] A recipe for burnout

[16:40] What engineers need from leadership
[20:08] Questions leaders could presence to address the human side of their people

[24:01] Fixing vs. Innovation (24:01)

[27:20] Addressing Burnout on the System Level

[31:40] Working with and bending time

[37:52] Using data that you already have to understand your people

[41:43] Good leaders how up curious and ready to listen

[43:57] Alenka’s invitation to Leaders


  • Leaders of engineers miss opportunities to see and deal with their people as people. This oversight leads to dissatisfaction, negative self talk of their employees and burnout.
  • Leaders can shift this by the use of powerful questions that inquire about their employees on a personal level. For example: What’s going on in your life? What can we change, improve or do differently?
  • Burnout happens and can present on two levels: the personal level and the systemic level.
  • There is a lot of data that can help leaders ascertain the health and burnout level of their people: absenteeism, missed meetings, etc.
  • The system of the organization changes slowly but can be moved in a direction that allows the people to be acknowledged people first. This sets them up to then approach the work of the organization in a deeper, more effective way.

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