I’m so excited to share this episode of Ctrl+Alt+Delete because it’s an interview with Karen Matsueda, one of our key coaches here at RLD Group. First, I’m such a fan of Karen as a person, and it gets even better when you recognize her genius as a leadership development coach and consultant focused on the ‘neglected middle’: middle management and rising leaders in tech companies.

Karen draws on her 30 years of HR experience working in global high-tech Silicon Valley firms, such as LSI, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, and NetApp. She applies research-based adult learning and change methods that fit your current needs as a human being and as a business person. The future of your tech company is in the middle managers who will be your senior leaders in a short amount of time.

This conversation will help you see the opportunity and lean into how to truly serve your middle leaders so well that will elevate your impact for decades into the future.

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