In this episode of Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Marybeth Hyland and Lisa Duerre #keepitreal and talk about what it means (and why it is critical) to give yourself, and your team, permission human at work. They double-click on this topic through the lens of profit, impact, and burnout prevention.

Topics include:

• What it means to be human at work and why it matters now more than ever for tech.

• The playbook to becoming human at work.

• The costs of being “perfect” and how it contributes to lost productivity and increased burnout.

• What to do when your self-talk and inner critic are in charge of you.

• What to look for in order to build your strength and confidence.

• The time and place for vulnerability at work and its impact on high-performance.

• How to go from culture killer to culture keeper and why it matters to you and your organization.

• The connection between burnout prevention and your personal values.

About Marybeth:

Marybeth Hyland is an international workplace culture consultant, mindfulness teacher, and values expert. She works with leaders and organizations to uncover and harness their intrinsic motivations so they can double down on their emotional intelligence and permit themselves to be human and thrive as a team.

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