Are you feeling overwhelmed or tired? Are you feeling like this is never going to end, life is just too heavy? Too many decisions, so much obligation. If you want to go from that to feeling fulfilled and having a sense of well-being, you want to listen in today. Because Jeremy Reisig, aka brotha James, is here with me today.

Jeremy Reisig is very in tune with the magic of energy, completely understands the power of music and healing, and brings his heart into everything he does. Jeremy is a designer and facilitator of group experiences that unlock collective intelligence. He designs intelligent questions and conversational choreographies that amplify learning, create authentic connections, and builds community at speed and scale. It’s about creating islands of calm in the sea of insanity.

CTRL+ALT+DELETE with Lisa Duerre is brought to you by RLD Group on a mission to reboot leadership drive, eradicate burnout in tech, and help transform technical experts lacking people leadership skills from being a company’s biggest liability into their greatest asset.

Show Notes:

When you’re feeling stuck in life or work [5:21]

Give yourself the opportunity of peace [6:17]

Give yourself choices [8:54]

Find your magic to get through burnout [13:06]

Propel into the future with skills learned throughout life [16:00]

The risk that made me stronger [23:45]

Avoid burnout and evolve as a human [26:15]

The best meditation [28:41]

Having a learner’s mindset allows you to adapt to change [35:22]


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