In this episode of Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Rachel Druckenmiller and Lisa Duerre #keepitreal talk about their best antidotes to the pressure felt from the marathon of stress and overwhelm that so many are feeling these days. Give yourself the permission to listen in and fill your “cup” with the stories and insights shared by Rachel and Lisa.

Topics include:

• How to boost your self-confidence and stop the negative impact of isolation and independence.

• What to do when you are endlessly creative in unproductive ways.How to help yourself say yes to offers of support.

• Reflections that can help you with perspective and creativity when you face adversity.

• What to watch for when you are an overachiever at the top of your game.

• The powerful question Rachels’ doctor asked her when she was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus and why it matters.

• The simplest question you can ask yourself, those you lead, and those you love right now.

About Rachel Druckenmiller:

Rachel is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, leadership trainer and is recognized as the number one health promotion professional in the US in 2015. She is the CEO of Unmuted and is on a mission to humanize the workplace by igniting resilience, connection energy, engagement, and hope in leaders and teams.

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