Houston – we have a problem! According to Forbes a recent study by Accenture and Girls who code concluded that the gender gap for women in technology as a whole is actually worse today than it was in 1984!!! There is lots of talk about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and still, so many questions by leaders in Tech on what they should (and shouldn’t) do to be a part of the solution and reverse the trend.

In this episode of Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Karen Worstell and Lisa Duerre are in cahoots and #keepitreal as they talk about the value of diversity in business, their own ah-ha moments as female leaders in tech, and the steps you can take today to be an inclusive leader without waiting for a formal proposal or HR initiative to be rolled out. Listen in and you’ll hear ways you can be more productive, more innovative, and more energized as a leader at work and in your life without having to do more. You’ll hear ways you can recruit, develop and retain a diverse pool of top talent.

Topics include:

• Why diversity is good for business.

• What to do and say when leaders don’t see diversity as important.

• What’s behind the Corporate Bland Blender.

• Why knowing your customers is an essential insight to make exceptional hiring decisions.

• Multibillion work fails and what leaders can learn from them. • What inclusive engineering looks like and why it matters. • What’s wrong with recruiting & hiring today – how work and life come together and why it matters.

• Why work culture plays a larger part in the reasons for abandoning their careers in tech: Hint: Drink carts are not the answer. • The impact of a healthy inner life and the leaders and employees in your organization.

• The Jedi mind trick you can use to get HR (and others) to be willing to help you make a difference. • How to not have to choose between revenue and relationships.

• 0% attrition is times of disruption and uncertainty is possible without throwing money at the team – here’s Karen’s success story. • The negative impact on your team, business, and customers from burnout leaders and what to do to turn it around.

• How to be human at work and why it matters to be an inclusive leader.

• The importance of being clear of your primary question the pre-supposition of your primary questions, and why it matters to transform your life in a post-pandemic world. • How to be a better problem solver right now.

Karen Worstell is a 20+ cybersecurity executive and serial Chief Information Security officer for multiple iconic brands. She is also a chaplain. Based on her experience in Tech and her observations of the level of distress of people in Tech (and her own burnout) as well as people in healthcare delivery, Karen focused on changing the narrative in the workplace. She founded MOJO Maker for Women in Tech to help reverse the exodus of women from the Tech sector and is the host of the podcast by the same name.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenworstell/ https://www.karenworstell.com/ https://www.beanally.today/ (a flameproof guide to preventing burnout)

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