Silos in business – we’ve all experienced them at one point or another, and they’re momentum killers! The best businesses – and the best leaders – understand why we need to smash the silos, create a truly collaborative work environment, and optimize our efforts for better communication and results into the future. That’s why I’m over-the-moon excited to share my interview today with Kiki Orski, founder of Peak Performance Consulting. In a word, she is a total badass, so impressive with a background in leadership training and executive consulting.

Kiki is the author of the upcoming book “Smash The Silos: How to Maximize Your Business Results by Capitalizing on Inter-Departmental Team Talent and Relationships”. (I know, doesn’t that title just look so tantalizing!) Kiki and I cover a wide range of topics in our conversation, so grab your earbuds, a healthy snack of choice, and settle in for an amazing conversation with Kiki.


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