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The Stakes Are Too High for Leaders In Tech to Rely On Pithy Anecdotes and Theory-Packed Presentations

You need a bring-the-house-down speaker who will shake your status quo and ignite a fresh fire to be an amazing leader in every area of life.

Spoiler alert: that’s me.

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This Is Your Goal-Smashing, Relationship-Relishing, Right-Between-the-Eyes Wakeup Call (With Love)

Imagine having a retirement party without any of your family. That’s the reality many tech leaders face because they chose revenue over relationships. Spoiler alert: that choice is jam-packed with regrets. Here’s the secret: you don’t have to choose revenue over relationships to make an impact.

In this powerful talk, Lisa Duerre shares her 25-year journey as a highly regarded Silicon Valley executive who became a new mom at the tender age of 43. She shares regrets, wishes, missed goals, and even insider secrets from some of the top minds in tech about what they wish they did differently. This is your wakeup call and inspiration to create a life and career you will love celebrating!

Wanted: Freedom for Overburdened Overachievers Drowning In Stress

“I’m too busy to figure out how to not be too busy!” If that sounds familiar, there’s hope for you. Lisa Duerre invites you to rebuild your mindset, tactics, and communication skills so you can make a meaningful impact at work and in life.

Who needs this message? This is for the executive getting squeezed to death by their schedule, the entrepreneur missing their kid’s birthday party… again, and the tech leader on the fast track to burnout, despair, and depression. This is the formula to shake awake and live the life you desire.

Top Three Villains Leaders In Tech Face Every Day (And What Superpowers You Need for Victory)

Rising, brilliant minds in virtually every type of tech are disappearing and no one knows who’s next. The culprits? Three of the most sinister, brazen villains lurking in our lives just waiting to bring down leaders in tech. Heroes need to activate their superpowers to defeat these villains. In this “BAM-POW-WHAM!” talk, Lisa Duerre shares from her 25-year track record of helping executives in some of the top tech companies in the world identify and activate their superpowers. You’ll unmask the three villains haunting leaders in tech today, find the villains’ secret hiding spots in your life and company, and know which superpowers you can use to find peace and safety again.

 “Lisa recently spoke at our event and everyone loved her. She’s very engaging, inspirational, interactive, and FUN!… The level of planning and preparation and exquisite care she did ahead of time – not just in getting her presentation polished, but making sure she was providing value to the audience and helping support the work I was doing at the event – made me confident in knowing she was going to take great care of the people at my event. And she did!”

Melinda Cohan

Founder of The Coaches Console

“Hi, I’m Lisa, former Silicon Valley executive on a mission to show leaders in tech how to live an amazing life, kick ass at work, and be present for the moments that matter.”


Lisa Duerre here – I’ve spent 25 years in Silicon Valley leading highly successful teams and exceeding business objectives in the areas of Talent Development, Field Engineering, Customer Education and Support. Sales Development, and Marketing.

This gave me a front-row seat to see some of the most professionally successful tech leaders absolutely flame-out in their careers, relationships, health, and life. I was the one who helped 25,000 employees get results faster at work, make a bigger impact, and be better business leaders. And my favorite part of it all is the end result of each of these leaders creating a more meaningful connection between work and life in the process. In 2016  I Ctrl+Alt+Deleted my corporate exec role to escape the Valley and work with leaders in tech all over the world.

I give audiences like yours the inside track on how to navigate the always-on, only-as-good-as-the-next-one culture. No regrets, no agony over lost opportunities – just a breath of fresh air showing you how you can live an amazing life, kick ass at work, and be present for the moments that matter.

As a meeting planner, you have plenty of different speakers you could choose from for your event. If you want a standing ovation, if you want to hear your boss’ applause, if you’re ready to knock it out of the park, hire me to be your next speaker. 


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“I could see myself in Lisa’s story of high achiever and burn out! Her passion and candid manner was engaging, spot on and fun. I came away with a renewed understanding of the new story I want to create for me and my career: more efficient, focused and balanced at work and more fun at home!”

Kate Steinbacher

President of The Coaching Advantage



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