When we think about CTRL+ALT+DELETE, we think about rebooting operating systems, leadership mindset, leadership skills. The question today is: How do you reboot in the midst of uncertainty? How do you help yourself get really clear on what matters most in the moment, when everything is unpredictable? Because the world we are in right now is unpredictable.

I just want to say lean on in because we have a fabulous guest here today, Brian Trzaskos. He has actually coached me the last year, and he and his business partner Ani Anderson have been really instrumental in me navigating uncertainty as a business owner, as a partner, as a coach. And I couldn’t think of a better conversation to have today than one with Brian around really taking a look at how might we resource ourselves, listen to our own innate knowing and also block out all the noise that we need to sometimes be really clear as leaders in tech with so much uncertainty.

Brian Trzaskos is a somatic intelligence expert and co-creator of sensation based motivation coaching. Brian is a nationally recognized expert for his work in coaching and mentoring leaders. Brian and his business partner Ani Anderson co-founded the Somatic Coaching Academy which trains coaches and therapists alike in somatic coaching practices.

CTRL+ALT+DELETE with Lisa Duerre is brought to you by RLD Group on a mission to reboot leadership drive, eradicate burnout in tech, and help transform technical experts lacking people leadership skills from being a company’s biggest liability into their greatest asset.

Show Notes:

  • What is Somatic Coaching? [1:14]
  • Navigating Uncertainty as a Leader [8:42]
  • Overcoming the Overwhelm [11:13]
  • Perception and the Illusion of Control [21:06]
  • Finding Balance in Perception [25:11]
  • The Power of Language [31:25]
  • Subconscious Repression of Trauma Completion [41:34]
  • Finding Connection in an Uncertain World [51:16]
  • Brian’s Double Dog Dare for Leaders [56:05]


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