Feeling stuck in a rut? Are you unsure of your next right step or even how to make time to think about It – there’s never enough time? Are you living your life without a true purpose and not sure what your true purpose is? We’ve got you! Listen in as Dr. Veronica Anderson #keepsitreal with Lisa Duerre.

They discuss:
-> How to be sure you are focused on the right things at the right time in these disruptive times.
-> What everyone needs to know to enjoy work and live life on purpose
-> How knowing your Human Design can bring you confidence and clarity in your career, health, and relationships (and how to get a personalized report).
-> The keys to effective and rapid decision making.
-> The connection of quantum physics and your heart brain.
-> The power of a yes or no question and when to ask one.

Dr. Veronica Anderson is the best-selling author of four books including “Get the Respect You Deserve: Seven Secrets to Getting Seen and Heard in Your job and Your Relationships”. Dr. Veronica transitioned from her private practice as an ophthalmologist to a spiritual guide and transformational coach delivering individual and group programs to help people overcome strange rare and peculiar issues. Using her skills as an intuitive and her signature respect method Dr. Veronica guides high-performing professional women on how to make a successful career, health, and relationship transitions by learning the process to be their true self.

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