Rebecca O’Brien is a certified stress management and burnout prevention coach, mindfulness instructor, and nutritionist. Her one-on-one coaching and corporate programs look at the mind, body, and spirit connection, which is a massive area of need for leaders in tech trying to be amazing for their team and their loved ones as we transition out of this Covid-19 pandemic. Rebecca and Lisa met through Clubhouse a few months ago, and from the very beginning, Lisa could sense just what an incredible person Rebecca is. Not just as a true professional, but she cares, really cares! And now, Lisa has the incredible opportunity to share with you their conversation about burnout, the power of pause, and normalizing conversations about mental health. Hit play and get ready for an amazing experience!”


As you listen, Lisa Double Dog Dares you to reflect on the following questions:

-What is one learning or ‘a-ha’ moment from this episode that if you integrate into your life and work would make the biggest impact on you?

-What is the smallest and most immediate action you’re willing to take today to move this forward?

-How will taking this action benefit you, your team, and your loved ones?

Who else in your life would benefit from this conversation? Pay it forward


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