Tips to not lose yourself in an always-on world | David Shar | Ctrl+Alt+Del w/ Lisa Duerre Do you check out of life when you check into work? Are your team member’s boundaries blurred even more than ever when it comes to being “at work” and “at home”? Here’s the scoop: Another resiliency training isn’t the answer. You and your employee base are resilient, and it’s been A LOT to manage. If you are nodding in agreement, curious, or disagree completely we invite you to take a listen to this episode and then decide. In this episode of Ctrl+Alt+Delete, David Shar and

Lisa Duerre #keepitreal as they reflect on pre-pandemic burnout and how the pandemic work-culture has added to this already epidemic problem. They share what leaders can do today for themselves and their organizations to successfully navigate the always-on work/life experience these days.

Topics include:

Resilience training is not the answer right now – this is

How to check into work and not checkout of life What to do if you feel resentment and overwhelmed.

Conflict and Stress – are they bad or good or both?

The path to trust Core value conflict and productivity – why culture matters at work

How to find your popsicle time and why it matters

About David Shar:

David Shar is an organizational psychology consultant, speaker, and trainer. David helps organizations build burnout-proof work cultures where management and employees work collaboratively toward embracing the meaning in their work.

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