CTRL+ALT+DELETE is about rebooting your leadership drive. It’s about rebooting your mindset. It’s about rebuilding your business process. I’m so excited today to have Angelique Rewers here today because if there’s anyone who can talk to us about rebooting all of those things, her vantage point and her insight is something I seek out. I’ve joined her community and collective, and she has not only elevated our business but she’s really helped me see why what we do matters so much right now.

Angelique Rewers is the bold, always blunt and unapologetic CEO of BoldHaus, on the Inc.5000 company that trains and advises both small enterprise and self-employed professionals on winning corporate clients. She has been called the undisputed champion at helping small businesses. She’s among the top 2% of women-owned businesses. BoldHaus is a global online community of 35,000 business owners and has mentored over 10,000 small businesses in 72 countries.

Angelique is also on the advisory board for Space for Humanity, which is a nonprofit expanding access to space for all of humanity, as well as on the committee for the United Nations Women, Peace and Humanitarian Fund.

CTRL+ALT+DELETE with Lisa Duerre is brought to you by RLD Group on a mission to reboot leadership drive, eradicate burnout in tech, and help transform technical experts lacking people leadership skills from being a company’s biggest liability into their greatest asset.

Show Notes:

What Leaders in Tech Should Be Thinking About [00:57]

How Strategic Communications Can Help [5:50]

Self-Inflicted Burnout [8:36]

The Difference of Simplifying Communication [11:20]

Give Your Employees Credit and Respect [14:47]

Importance of Being Human [16:36]

Pandemic Anxiety and Burdens [17:10]

Keeping Up with Accelerated Change [19:08]

Build Your Own Monument [23:24]

Getting Help for Before Burnout [27:01]

Taking Care of Your Best People [31:43]


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