Do you really know it all? Is what’s on the surface true? Are you making assumptions about things? Where in your life is it possible that looks can be deceiving? For the people on your team who are saying “I’m fine. Everything’s okay.” Do you think it’s true? For your spouse or your family members?

I want to ask you to lean in today to that thought process because our guest today, Jay Pryor, is here to help you, me and all of us test those assumptions, question what we are seeing to be true so that we can really live a conscious life, to be fully present at work and in our lives. Because that’s where the magic is.

An executive coach and speaker, Jay’s journey includes living as a woman, a man, and now a non-binary person. Jay has been an out Queer activist and educator for over 30 years. Jay’s signature process and book “Lean Inside” uses mindfulness and neuroscience to wake people up to their most authentic power. Jay Pryor leads people on a deep exploration of gender that expands consciousness and helps them be better allies to transgender and non-binary people, and ultimately make them more successful business leaders and community members.

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Show Notes:

  • The Gender Factor [4:39]
  • The Undercover White Guy [8:53]
  • Overcoming Our Own Bias [14:53]
  • The Methodology Behind Lean Inside [25:43]
  • The Gender Reveal Party [29:22]
  • Looking at the Middle [33:00]
  • The Energy We Spend Hiding [38:25]
  • To be Authentic is to Blossom [44:10]
  • The Happiness Formula [48:00]