Featured Guest Dr. Kelly Flanagan keeps it real with Lisa Duerre as they double click on the undeniable truth that you can overcome loneliness and prevent burnout when you are a True Companion.

Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s book True Companions debuted on Amazon as a #1 New Release in several categories related to friendship, marriage, and ethics. Join in on the deep insight and actions shared by Dr. Kelly Flanagan and Lisa Duerre to better understand yourself and those you lead and love.

Some of the not to miss topics include:
• The real deal when it comes to being lonely in life and at work
• 3 essentials of a truly satisfying life
• 3 painful and broken human experiences to address, work through and release
• Toxic work environments & leadership styles: what’s underneath it all
• Ways to care for yourself abundantly
• How peacefaking as a protection is in the way of creativity and innovation
• The truth about the neurological wiring plays a large role in how we end up getting our lives out of balance and get burnt out
• The positive impact or true companionship at work and in life

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Song Lisa mentioned: You’re Gonna Miss This Sung by Trace Adkins Songwriters: Ashley Gorley / Lee Miller


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